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Mike Diaz

Stephens City Mayor

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Encourage business growth

Investigate and pursue incentives that will attract more business development in Stephens City

Enhance pedestrian access & safety

Update sidewalks, pedestrian crossing points, and traffic signals for public safety and ADA access

Engage the community more

Provide more transparency in the Town's government and engage the community as a neighbor


About Mike Diaz

I’m Michael Diaz, and as a resident of Stephens City for over 25 years, I have seen the potential it has to grow while still maintaining its small-town appeal. My family moved to Stephens City in 1992 to escape the hustle and congestion of the newly-expanding Northern Virginia area. I attended Frederick County Public Schools and graduated from Sherando High School in 2001. During my senior year, I felt compelled to serve my community, so I enlisted in the United States Navy where I proudly served as a Submarine Radio Operator until 2005.

Following my honorable discharge from service, I returned to Stephens City in 2006 to work and help care for my mother. By 2009, I was fortunate enough to purchase my own home in the town while working for Siemens. I left Siemens to continue my education at Lord Fairfax Community College in Middletown and founded my own web design business, Blockd Squared. While attending Lord Fairfax, I founded the Student Veterans Organization and served as the President and was able to work with the office of Congresswoman Comstock to recognize the needs of today’s student veterans.

Currently, I serve as the Adjutant (Secretary) of the Berryville VFW Post 9760, and I am the District Junior Vice Commander for the regional VFW posts. Additionally, I am a member of the Newtown Heritage Festival Committee and helped organize the 2018 Festival while also working as the social media advisor. As a dedicated resident of our town and an active member within the community, I am committed to engaging the town’s residents on the issues most important to them and continuing to preserve our town’s charm while growing our tax base to promote stability into the future.

My Priorities for Stephens City

Encourage Business Growth

Throughout the years I have seen many small businesses come and go in the Town. Today, there are many buildings that sit empty and are falling into disrepair. The Town needs to encourage businesses to set up shop in town. Additionally, new business and mixed use development projects must be explored to increase the Town’s appeal to larger businesses. For businesses that do set up shop on Main St., there needs to be safer and better parking options for families that visit our beautiful town. I will make it a priority to investigate all potential options that would encourage business growth.

Enhance Pedestrian Safety

Stephens City is an town steeped in history and charm that is unmatched by others in the Shenandoah Valley. However, pedestrian safety at intersections and crosswalks does not encourage residents and visitors to appreciate that charm. Additionally, most of the sidewalks are tripping hazards for kids and adults, and impassable for residents and visitors with limited mobility. The lack of pedestrian access can also be a strong detractor for businesses that want to open along Main Street or other parts of the community. Enhancing pedestrian safety and access would be a top priority of mine and I would ask the Town Council to explore avenues to make Stephens City more pedestrian and ADA friendly to its residents and visitors.

Engage the Community

The key to a strong community is through strong citizenship, and a strong citizen is one who is informed about what is happening with their town and local government. As a person who is involved in our community through various veterans and community service groups, I understand the need to be an approachable and available representative for the Town. I will make it a priority to engage the community more through social media and the Town’s website as well as participate in town hall style meetings and fireside chats. I would also work to maintain regular office hours, taking into consideration the unusual hours of our commuter and shift workers. Openness and transparency are needed for Stephens City to flourish.

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